Mining Regions in South Africa

Eastern Cape

There are opportunities for clay extraction in Port St Johns, Transkei, Coal mining in Molteno, titanium production in the Pondoland and other small mining metals and materials throughout the Eastern Cape…read more

KwaZulu Natal

Mining in Kwazulu Natal accounts for 0.2% of employment. Ilmenite, rutile and zircon are mined for their titanium and zirconium contents…read more

North West

Mining in the North West province produces 70% of the world’s platinum. The North West is the third largest producer of gold in South Africa…read more

Free State

Mining along with Agriculture are the primary pillars of Free State economy. About 82% of  the province’s mineral production is gold…read more


Mining in Limpopo contributes about 30% of the GDP and has 41% of the country’s platinum group metals, 90% of South Africa’s red granite resources and 50% approximately of coal reserves…read more

Northern Cape

The Northern Cape is the largest province in South Africa. The Northern Cape Province is rich in minerals. South Africa’s largest diamond pipes are found in the Kimberly district…read more


Gold has been mined in Gauteng, successfully for the past 116 years and it still contributes significantly to the province’s mining activities…read more


Mpumalanga produces 80% of the country’s coal and is the biggest coal producer in Africa. Steel and Vanadium are produced in Middleburg…read more

Western Cape

The predominant minerals in the Western Cape are exploited by open-cast mining…read more